Polish Off Your Look at Stylish Nails

Add the finishing touch to your style with a manicure

Your nails are the perfect way to accentuate your personal style. Long and delicate acrylic nails are popular among Instagram-crazed beauty moguls, while natural, durable nails are perfect for everyone. What nail style do you desire?

If you want a meticulous and clean manicure or pedicure, visit Stylish Nails in Lansing. We can help you nail down your look with acrylic manicures, shellac manicures, spa pedicures and more. Call us today at 517-332-5134 to get started.

Put your best foot forward with a spa pedicure

Do you want to pamper yourself with a luxurious pedicure? Go all out when you opt for a spa pedicure! How is a spa pedicure different from a regular pedicure? During a spa pedicure, we’ll go the extra mile to pamper you by:

Soaking your feet in a warm bath. | Sloughing your feet and legs with a scrub. | Massaging your calves and feet with lotion.

Your feet work hard to get you from place to place all day. Give them a well-deserved break when you book an appointment for a spa pedicure at Stylish Nails in Lansing, Michigan.

Smooth, hairless skin is just a few wax strips away

Hair removal can be a laborious process. Tweezing is tedious and can take forever on larger areas—only for the hairs to grow back in no time. Shaving can lead to unsightly razor bumps and cuts. When it comes to hair removal, waxing is faster and longer-lasting than other processes.

Don’t be shy—give waxing a try! Once you’ve done it, you’ll see that it’s not all that bad. Ready to get started? Call Stylish Nails today at 517-332-5134 to book an appointment.

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